photo: Christian Söhnel


received my education at the Dornbirn advanced technical college for the garment industry in Austria. Afterwards I embarked on my first professional activity as an embroidery-designer in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Four years later I opened my own studio for embroidery-lace, working at first in Vorarlberg, later in Vienna and Berlin. In September 2005 I launched kex, my own line of lace-embroidery accessories. The stitched lace is manufactured after my hand-crafted designs in Vorarlberg, Austria. All kex accessories receive their finish in Berlin… and since November 2017 in Vorarlberg, Austria.


are textile-jewels. I put a great emphasis on their independence and autonomy from fashion trends while attracting self-confident and modern women. No mass product, no clearance sales – kex will keep its exclusiveness and timeless value.


of non-clichéd beauty, independence, intellectual flexibility and experimental creativity are my main tenets.

My goal

beyond designing embroidery-lace and creating exclusive textile-jewels, is to cooperate with creative people across genres and borders, bringing together fashion, painting, music, modern dance, theater, film and literature.